Repræsenterer du en mindre virksomhed, har du mulighed for at indgå i en gruppe med andre mindre virksomheder og sammen opnå en FSC Gruppe CoC-certificering (FSC-POL-40-002). Formålet med gruppeordningen er at gøre FSC-certificering mere …


1905 – Combat ship and landing vessel 8315 – Clothing, Special Purpose 5805 - Telephone and Telegraph Equipment 1910 – Transport vessels, passenger & troop 8405 – Outerwear, Men’s 5810 - Communications Security Equipment and Components

The company's production units are certified according to FSC® Chain of Custody and PEFC™ , which both demonstrate traceability. Our mill in Beetham, UK, was the first paper mill accredited by IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention 5. Gain certification approval and receipt of FSC certification code (XXX-COC-000000) and trademark licence code (FSC-C000000). If the decision is positive, you will receive an FSC certificate and your FSC certificate and licence codes. Skötseln av SCAs egna skogar har varit certifierad enligt Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC ®) sedan 1999 och enligt Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC TM) sedan 2011. Våra sågverk, Östrands massafabrik, Ortvikens pappersbruk, linerbruken Obbola och Munksund samt pelletstillverkningen inom BioNorr är spårbarhetscertifierade (Chain of Custody) enligt FSC och PEFC. FSC certificaatnummer dat gebruikt wordt op facturen, pakbonnen en offertes (bijvoorbeeld SGSCH-COC-88888) FSC Keurmerk Licentie Code dat vermeld wordt in het FSC-label op de producten (bijv.

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All of the company’s production units have ISO 14001 certification. The company's production units are certified according to FSC® Chain of Custody and PEFC™ , which both demonstrate traceability. Our mill in Beetham, UK, was the first paper mill accredited by IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention 5. Gain certification approval and receipt of FSC certification code (XXX-COC-000000) and trademark licence code (FSC-C000000).

2020-09-25 Each FSC-certified company receives a unique FSC code, which can be found on FSC products and can be tracked through the supply chain to the manufacturer, distributor or supplier of the product. Track your FSC code or look up an FSC-certified company at

FSC CoC certification is available to all companies that process or sell forest products, including sawmills, secondary manufacturers, brokers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, printers, and paper merchants. This certification verifies use of input materials from FSC …

In September 2004, the FSC Board of Directors endorsed the initial version of “FSC-STD-40-004 Use our guides and templates to prepare for FSC CoC certification or for your next audit. Or share these materials with your suppliers. FSC trademark use and promotion of your certificate: Learn how you can use the FSC trademarks in product promotion and labeling.

mer FSC-märkta produkter på marknaden och samtidigt säkra att FSC-märkta produkter inte innehåller virke med oacceptabelt ursprung (se faktaruta). Produkter som innehåller en del FSC Controlled Wood kan märkas med beteckningen FSC Mix. Spårbarhetsstandarden innehåller strikta regler för hur och i vilken omfattning inblandning får ske.

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In addition, our Perfect Fit operation has earned a Forest Stewardship Council ( FSC) chain-of-custody (COC) certification. PerfectFit® is greener more  FSC chain-of-custody # BV-COC-008121.

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The FSC Principles and Criteria provide a foundation for all forest … Or, search our tables for any supply codes that include your key words: What are product service codes? Also referred to as federal supply codes, product service codes are used by the United States government to describe the products, services, and research and development purchased by the government. HTS Search supports the following functionality: Contains Any: Enter one or more words separated by a single space.; Contains All: Enter one or more words, each within double quotes and separated by a single space i.e "Tennis" "shoes" Search for FSC Certificate Holders. Use this database to check the validity and scope of FSC Chain of Custody and Forest Management certificates. To amend information on this database certified companies should contact their FSC accredited certification body. Access the FSC Certificate Database by clicking here.
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Officially founded in 1994 with a mission to stop global deforestation, the FSC certification scheme ensures that forests products are responsibly managed and harvested. Recognized by leading ENGOs as the Gold Standard in forestry, products Welcome to the FSC Public Search. We have updated the look and feel of the public search. From now on this replaces the old certificate search. This is the one stop for inquiries about certificates and their status.

FSC Chain of Custody - IP Bag Business Beaverton, OR Buena Park, CA Grand Prairie, TX. spacer  look up my crystal ball to say that the technical topics and trends for. 2020 and FSC Mixed Sources COC-000010. Prodotto realizzato impiegando carta con  20890, CoC CT Mntl Hlth Ctr MHN:Yale, 14267, FR, Continuum of Care 21412, Speed Control FSC, 20600, FR, STATE AND COMMUNITY HIGHWAY  Standard: *.
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FSC® certification is an internationally recognised standard that The South Island forest estate under certificate SGS-FM/COC-0001037 is spread provided a specific carbon lookup table to be used for calculating carbon stocks inste

FSC® Chain of Custody InfoPack* * This InfoPack is not an official FSC document. In case of any discrepancy between this document and the FSC Normative Framework, the FSC Normative Framework shall prevail. For FSC CoC certification requirements, more information and primary literature please visit Table A. FSC CoC normative framework. FSC normative documents applicable to all CoC certificate holders FSC-STD-40-004 Chain of Custody Certification FSC-STD-40-004a FSC Product Classification (Addendum to FSC-STD-40-004) FSC-DIR-40-004 FSC Directive on Chain of Custody Certification FSC-POL-01-004 Policy for the Association of Organizations Watch: Introduction to Chain of Custody. If you are an FSC certificate holder, or interested in becoming one, this webinar will provide an introduction to FSC CoC certification and clear up some of the common issues faced by suppliers when looking to display the FSC label on their products. Flera nya begrepp introduceras i FSC:s COC-standard: § FSC-produktgrupp (Sid 3) § FSC Pure (Sid 5) § FSC Mixed (Sid 5) § Kontrollerat virke (Sid 6) § FSC:s kreditsystem (Sid 9) Begreppen finns förklarade i den här broschyren..


Kontaktperson: Anders Nenzén. An overview of the FSC normative documents applicable to the different types of certification (FM, CoC, CW) and scope (reclaimed or controlled materials) is also available to help certificate holders understand the requirements they have to comply with.

För att få sälja FSC®-certifierat trä måste leverantören vara Chain of Custody-certifierad. Gustafs FSC®-certifieringskod är: SCS-COC-005137. FSC®-certifierat trä har kommit att bli extra viktigt sedan det är ett krav för LEED- och BREEAM-certifiering av byggnader. FSC Chain of Custody Standard is available for download on the CoC webpage located on the FSC US Website. In order to obtain a Chain of Custody certificate, a company must complete the following steps: 1. Check that suppliers have their own current FSC CoC certification and that it covers the FSC-certified material they are (or will be) supplying. Mål. Efter kursen har du kunskapen du behöver i arbetet med att upprätthålla er certifiering enligt FSC ® COC ver 3.0.